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                                      "Chapter 2"

Naruto and Fuu are running down the hallway as fast as they can go. They were glad to see no Student Hallway Monitor about; otherwise, they would have been stopped and given rules lecture, and that is the last thing they need after witnessing that sight. They have a destination on their mind and Naruto has a plan.


Fuu is walking back and forth to clam herself down as Naruto is listening to his cell-phone on its ear speaker, hearing a ring-tone. They are both so wrap up by what's been happening that they ignore the rain soaking them.

"Fuu, will you stop pacing around? I'm nervous enough as it is." Naruto snapped in a whisper, to ensure that, despite the height between their roof location and the ground, the zombie down below wouldn't hear them.

Fuu looked at him with a fearful expression and stopped pacing.

"Well, I'm sorry Naruto but I can't help it. That thing down below is the real deal, not some cos-play for jokes. And there's an army of them out there." She replied, taking a deep breath.

Naruto frowned and continued listening to his cell-phone in hope of an answer, but he well understood her fear. Earlier, after Naruto said that was a zombie below, both he and Fuu had looked out over the town, to horrifying see the smoke of burning houses and overturned vehicles, and, worst, hysterical neighbors fighting off hordes of zombies who were eating them alive!

As Naruto heard on the other line.

"All 911 and emergency call lines are jammed or down. Please do not . . ." came the recorded voice gravely over Naruto's earphone.

"Damnit!" Naruto said, as he shut the phone off and despairingly raised his head. "Not even the police are picking up! We are screwed."

"Naruto, we have to get out of here— Now!" gasped Fuu, pointing below.

Naruto turned to where she was pointing, aghast to see a mob of zombies rushing to crash the school gate. It would not hold for long.

"God! You're right. We gotta go, and quick!"

"But Naruto, shouldn't we warn the school about this?"

"Fuu, as much as it would be the right thing to do, we don't have time to. And even if we did, they'd think we were crazy. The teachers already think we're crazy. Come on, let's get out of here."

Fuu shrugged her shoulders displeased, but she couldn't disagree with the sense of the argument, and nodding her intention to go, they both took one more look over the railing.
"Oh my god!" exclaimed Fuu, seeing the school principal running back into the school from the zombies pushing at the gate.

"We're off the hook!" chirped Naruto. "The principal will warn everyone ... Your car is parked below in a safe place, right?"

"Yes! And it's a good thing that I have keys in my pocket!" Fuu replied expectantly.

"Great! Here's my plan: We make a stealthy mad dash to get it and drive it around to the gate. As soon as the zombies bust it open, we run right over them and drive like hell to your family home, as I know your late parents – gods rest them – have long kept a cache of weapons and ammunition there."

Fuu blinked positively, taking a deep breath. It was a madcap plan, but it was the only viable option. Ramming through the zombies driving out was risky as it could damage the car enough to stop it running, but trying to escape any other way by foot was sure suicide.

"Okay, Naruto!" she nodded with earnest tone. Let's do it!"

With that said, both of them bolt to the rooftop door and hurry down the stairs. Unknown to them, the lone zombie down below have start limping toward forward.

Flashback Ended

"Fortunately, I have a backpack full of camping gear in the car, so we'll be able to dry off and change clothes later, just in case." Fuu panted as they ran through the school's entrance lobby on their way to the back of the building.

As they passed, they could see the zombies outside pushing at the gate and the body of woman killed by the zombie they initially saw. This got them to worrying. Was he now in the building? Where did the principle go after he ran back in?

To their astonishment, the principle's voice suddenly blared over the school's PA system: "Attention! Attention! All students and teachers! We are having an emergency! Get out of the building and leave the school grounds as fast as you can! (Pause) Get away from me! Stay back! Get away! HELP AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

Naruto and Fuu looked at each other in terrified. The zombie they were worried about had obviously gotten to the poor principle.

As the thundering sounds of a beginning of stampede began to echo down from the halls and stairways above, Naruto grabbed Fuu hand and yelled: "Run!"

To be continued...
Story Rated: M
Written: October 2012

Summary: When Naruto, a boy with a broken heart, and Fuu, his closest friend, witness a ZOMBIE of all things running around town, what will happen? What can they do? Who will stop it? What is the cause? Join these two and others as they search for answers and a way out of this UN-deadly situation. NaruFuu Please R&R AU, Modern, Romance/Horror

My first fanfiction on Naruto Series but it's during Modern times. Please Review!
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dgj212 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
...your fist chapter was better, I mean really, this sounded way too convenient even for a fic like this. and but still a bit ooc (out of character). I mean it would have been funny if it went like this:
"Um do realize my parents only worked in intelligence right?"
"Yeah but they have a weapon cache don't they!?!"
"Naruto!" Fu whispered harshly, "For the last time and hoep to god that isn't, a movie is not based on real life! there is no way in hell, any military soldier would have a weapons cache!"
"Yeah but in every zombie movie the is always a military cache somewhere and your parents were military so-" Naruto would have continued but fu cut him off.
"Naruto now is really not the time for that!"
"Ok-ok" he said in speedy whisper "But seriously not even a gun or something?"
"Narutoooooo" she whispered as she trembled, whether it was fear or anger he couldn't tell.
"ok yes, a gun maybe!"
They suddenly heard a loud clang. it was the gate, they were running out of time!
"look we'll figure it out once we get to your place, but we gotta go now!"

and this

"Fu whydo you have your camping stuff in your car?"
Fu allowed a shiver to run up and down her spine "oh well I um..." Not really having anything to say she just said of something random "I heard it was a great day to go camping on the um weather web."
"It's raining...."
"Well jeez i didn't ask you why you ate ramen on the day everyone was having a heat stroke."
"Don't change the subject! You were planing to take me that stupid Root and burial retreat after school today weren't you!" he yelled as he pointed at her.
"Naruto, non of that really matters right!" she yelled with a bit of desperation. "Look it was stroke of luck that i had my keys with my, my camping girl and car full of gas, now lets go!"

oh and the Japanese version of 911 is 119...
...Gangnam Style!
CRed1988 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
dgj212 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
hahaha no but seriously way too convenient
CRed1988 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
dgj212 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
...checking chapter three
CRed1988 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
Galm03 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
crap... Gotta read more!!!!
CRed1988 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
A7XFan666 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
Love it :love:
CRed1988 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
A7XFan666 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
I loves this story so much :love:
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